5 Star Quality & Better Prices!

5 Star Quality & Better Prices! BUY LOCAL FOR BETTER QUALITY!

Did you know that ALL the major Wire Services -- Teleflora, FTD and 1-800-FLOWERS, are rated by Yahoo! Shopping at just over 1 STAR!

In contrast, The Flower Hut is rated at just under 5 STARS!

Here are links to Yahoo's ratings and customer comments: See for yourself!

Teleflora Yahoo Rating

FTD Yahoo Rating

1-800-FLOWERS Yahoo Rating

Flower Hut Yahoo Rating


Did you know that when you purchase flowers from an OUT-OF-STATE flower marketer, -- like Teleflora, FTD or 1-800-Flowers, Just Flowers, Wesley Berry and many others -- you are paying them BIG BUCKS to find a REAL florist (Like the Flower Hut) to fill your order?

Here's an example: The Teleflora Happy Face Bouquet is $39.95 on Teleflora's website. BUT they ADD a Handling Fee (typically $14.99) That's $54.94!

Then they pick a Teleflora RESELLER in Charlotte -- like Flower Hut -- KEEP the the $14.99 handling charge and KEEP a SALES COMMISSION of up to 30% and send us the order for design and delivery.

Buy direct and we knock 20% off OUR $39.99 price for a net $31.99. We don't add a Handling Fee but we add a delivery charge of $10.50 and local sales tax. You pay Flower Hut $45.57.

YOU SAVE $9.37... that's a 17% saving!

Fine Print:

Our 20% discount applies for delivery to Charlotte (except Zip 28278 -- VERY far from us!), Matthews (except 28104 -- not really Matthews -- this is in UNION County), Mint Hill and Pineville AND for Pickup from our shop with NO DELIVERY CHARGE!

This Discount is ONLY AVAILABLE on Internet orders!

The discount is AUTOMATICALLY CALCULATED when you enter the recipient's zip code.

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