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"BEWARE of CALL-CENTER FLORAL MIDDLEMEN. They take 30% to 50% of YOUR MONEY in Fees and Commissions! Then they PASS ON the now-heavily discounted order to a REAL florist for crafting and delivery." Bill Miller - Owner of The Flower Hut.

These Call-Center operations use quasi-deceptive advertising online, on Radio & TV (including the Superbowl!) and in "Yellow" telephone directories to bring in orders. But they never TOUCH any flowers!

Instead, they pocket ENORMOUS commissions and hidden fees before they send a HEAVILY-DISCOUNTED order to a Real Local Florist (Like Flower Hut) for crafting and delivery.

Here's how it works:

In addition to the "normal" price of a product, all these Middlemen add a "handling" or "service" charge of about $15. They KEEP that. They also KEEP 20% of the order value as a sales commission. Then they pass the order over a floral network like Teleflora's "Dove," FTD's "Mercury" or 1-800-FLOWERS "Bloomnet" These networks also provide a sending bonus (some would call it a "kickback") of about $5.

Finally, the networks CHARGE the florist that FILLS and DELIVERS the order an additional 7% in order to receive the order!

Add all this up and you can see that MIDDLEMEN are TAKING ALMOST HALF YOUR MONEY!

For more details on these operations, please follow this link: 5 Star Quality

What about FLOWERS IN A BOX? These national marketers simply wrap up flowers, (usually) add a vase and advertise a (often misleadingly) low price, and send them out via FedEx or UPS. Click here to see a video about what the receiver actually GETS!: Flowers In A Box

For more insights into the Flower Business, please visit our BLOG at: FLOWER HUT BLOG


The Flower Hut is Charlotte's Largest Retail Rose Supplier. We are a Locally Owned, Family Operated enterprise.

We buy our flowers and plants direct from the growers/importers.

This independent business model ELIMINATES THE MIDDLEMAN and provides products which are FRESHER and COST LESS.

The Flower Hut
6300C East Independence Blvd.
Charlotte, NC 28212

704-535-1041 Voice
800-525-3162 Toll-Free
704-535-5378 Fax


Our Physical store is open (YES! We actually have a physical store!) for business from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM M-F and 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM on Saturday.

We answer our telephones. 24 hours a day; 7 days a week No recorder. No answering service. Just a real, live, (sometimes sleepy) honest to goodness FLORIST!


Product prices shown do not include Delivery Charge nor do they include 7.25% local sales tax. A $5.99 handling charge will be added ONLY for out-of-area deliveries.

Pricing is based on City, State and Zip code information that YOU provide. We will do everything possible to "detect" any errors that you might make, but are not responsible for delivery problems caused by an incorrect address that YOU provided.


Each order is confirmed by E-mail. Please print and save your E-mail confirmation, and use the ORDER NUMBER on all inquiries.

Unlike ALL "National" Florists, we do not ROBO-PROCESS orders. Each order is personally reviewed and hand-entered into our computer. After the order is processed, we send a SECOND email, advising you that the order is processed and paid for. Finally, when the order is DELIVERED (local only) we will send a final email with the delivery date and time.

BALLOONS: For Security reasons, some businesses and multi-tenant buildings are no longer accepting Balloons. Please Check with building or corporate management as their rules OFTEN CHANGE!


We deliver to Charlotte, Matthews (Mecklenburg County only), Mint Hill and Pineville, NC. Deliveries are at Flower Hut convenience between the hours of 10:30 AM and 5:00 PM.

Same-Day Delivery (before 5:00 PM) is USUALLY available to US and Canada (M-Sat) on orders received before 1:00 PM in the Recipient's time zone. If you are ordering close to the cut off time, it is prudent to CALL US first to verify availability.

It is the Sender's responsibility to let us know if the recipient will only be at the delivery address at certain times. Use the "Comments" section to tell us.

We reserve the right to decline orders if the requested time limits are not possible.


Around major holidays like Valentines, Easter, Mothers Day, Secretaries Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas, Same-Day Delivery is usually NOT available.

HOLIDAY SPECIALS are often SOLD OUT several days before the holiday. Also, small towns (under 5,000 population) usually have limited floral selections.

If in doubt, you may call or Email. We strongly recommend that you ALLOW SUBSTITUTION on special or holiday items!



Orders for delivery outside the US and Canada require at least two to three BUSINESS DAYS advance notice. Specialty items, like balloons, stuffed animals and Wire Service "Specials" are usually NOT AVAILABLE outside the US and Canada.

There is a $15 surcharge for International deliveries, making your total Delivery & Handling charge $10.50 + $5.99 + $15.00 = $31.49.

Puerto Rico (PR), US Virgin Islands (VI) and Guam (GU) are considered International orders.


Sunday Funeral Deliveries MAY be available with a minimum order of $100.00 plus delivery. PLEASE telephone us to confirm product availability!! We are not open on Sunday and often do not check our Internet orders until Monday!


All products are available for pick up at our store in Charlotte. No delivery charge is applied. Please use the "Comments" section to tell us approximately what time you would like to pick up the product.


There is no minimum order size. With the exception of FRAGILE cash-and-carry roses, corsages and boutonnieres, if it is on our website, we can deliver it!

Minimum order for delivery to another country is $50.00 plus delivery, International Handling & Retransmission charge, and sales tax (7.25%).


Typical Rose vase-life runs 3-5 days. We provide 3 Day NO CHARGE rose EXCHANGE for all rose arrangements.

Cut Flower vase-life varies tremendously. Carnations often last 2-4 weeks. A Calla lily turns brown in 2-4 DAYS. We provide NO CHARGE EXCHANGE for any arrangements which do not meet industry-accepted vase-life standards.

For Wire Orders, CALL US TOLL FREE 1-800-525-3162.


Due to seasonal variations, local growing conditions, and variations in local availability, advertised Floral Products and Colors may not always be available.

With ROSES, we reserve the right to substitute another color (usually red) if the requested color is not available or does not meet our quality standards.

With Floral Arrangements, we may substitute flowers of equal or greater value. Color and Look of the arrangement will be maintained.

With non-floral items such as containers and animals, we do our best to maintain a full stock of all items. When we do not have the exact item requested, we will substitute with an item of similar look and type.

If you designate "NO SUBSTITUTION" on your order and ALL THE "INGREDIENTS" are not available, the order will be canceled. (We will TRY to contact you with a "last minute" request to allow us to substitute. This is usually not possible during "peak" holiday times.)


You Get Better Value With A REAL Charlotte NC Florist! Contact us 24 x 7 at: 704-535-1041 OR 800-525-3162