Frequently Asked Questions

FAQQ. Why should I use The Flower Hut instead of a NATIONAL CHAIN?

A. There are NO NATIONAL CHAINS! Big names like 1-800-Flowers, Flowers Sent Today, National Flora etc. own no more than a handful of shops. Some, like Teleflora and FTD own NONE! Unless you happen to choose a city where they have a shop, they will do exactly what The Flower Hut does with out-of-our-area deliveries. They will choose an independently owned flower shop from one of the floral networks and send them the order for crafting and delivery.

But these "Big Names" invest HUGE amounts of money on media and pay-per-click advertising. Because of those high costs, they ADD A SERVICE CHARGE of around $15 to the price of the product. They KEEP that service charge.

When all is calculated, about 44% what you pay them goes to FEES and COMMISSIONS.

Then they take YOUR (NOW HEAVILY DISCOUNTED) order and send it to an independent florist (like us!) for fulfillment.

At the Flower Hut, REAL FLORISTS answer our phones, operate our computers, and -- for Charlotte, Matthews, Mint Hill and Pineville -- make and deliver our floral arrangements! That may be the reason why Yahoo! Shoppers have rated us BEST IN CHARLOTTE and among the best in the NATION for Customer Satisfaction. In contrast, the Big Names are 1 to 2 star operations.

Q. Why can't I place my order by telephone and still get the 20% local discount?

A. Processing an Internet order takes us about a minute. It often takes us 10 minutes or more to do the same thing over the phone. And we notice a much higher error rate on phone orders since many names and addresses are EASY to spell incorrectly! Time is money.

Q. That 20% Discount seems phony to me. Aren't you just inflating your web prices and then discounting them back down?

A. The Flower Hut serves all 50 States, Canada, most European Cities, and major cities in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Many of our local customers use our services to send floral gifts out of the Charlotte area.

Our web prices must be consistent with the prices that florists in OTHER CITIES charge. To assure this, we use the SAME prices as those published online by Teleflora. However, we think it is absurd to ask a customer to SPEND MORE on the internet to get local delivery.

Q. You advertise a 20% discount. When I pressed the "Order" button to check out, the Order Page shows the REGULAR PRICE. What's going on?

A. The 20% Discount is applied to products for LOCAL delivery. In order to obtain the discount, you must enter a valid zip code for Charlotte, Matthews, Mint Hill or Pineville. When you enter the recipient's LOCAL zip code, the software will calculate the discount and display it.

Q. Why do flower prices go UP so much at major holidays, and especially at Valentine's Day? Aren't you florists just price gouging?

A. Fresh flowers aren't like light bulbs or bricks. You can't just put them in the warehouse for months or years. Also, since it takes several YEARS for a rose bush to start producing blooms, you can't just "plant extra" for the holidays.

As an example of how this affects us, consider this: During most of the year, the Flower Hut offers cash-and-carry roses for around $8 to $10 a dozen. At Valentine's Day, that's about what we PAY for the same product!

Floral pricing is about the closest thing that we have ever seen to a pure example of "supply and demand."

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