About The Flower HutALL nationally-advertised "Flower Shops" are primarily or TOTALLY e-marketing operations. These floral marketers "skim" between 40% and 50% of YOUR MONEY in fees and commissions before they turn around and send what's left of your money to a REAL NC FLORIST, like the Flower Hut, for design and delivery.

All those FEES and COMMISSIONS -- and the JOBS that go with them -- are EXPORTED OUTSIDE NORTH CAROLINA!

It's even WORSE with in-a-box flowers. Buy flowers in a box and 100% of your money GOES OUT OF STATE along with the JOBS that money represents!

In contrast, the Flower Hut is a REAL CHARLOTTE NORTH CAROLINA FLORIST. We are family owned and operated. If you call us (1-800-525-3162 or 704-535-1041) chances are you'll talk with one of the owners OR a family member.

Or stop by our store at 6300C E. Independence Blvd. and meet the owners and staff personally.

That may be why the Flower Hut has one of the highest florist Customer Satisfaction ratings in the NATION.

What about sending flowers to other cities and states? Is it OK to use those floral marketers?

Please don't.

Instead, find a REAL local florist and work directly with them! And it's EASY to find a REAL LOCAL FLORIST in another city,

Here are some links to online florist directories that only accept REAL LOCAL florists:

Locate A Flowershop is a GREAT directory for REAL florists throughout the USA & Canada.

Flowershop Network is another GREAT directory. In addition to providing Directory information, many of the listed REAL florists have websites hosted by Flowershop Newtwork. is another very good directory. is yet another REAL FLORIST site. They also feature websites for all of their REAL FLORISTS. is another directory that features ONLY real florists.

You Get Better Value With A REAL Charlotte NC Florist! Contact us 24 x 7 at: 704-535-1041 OR 800-525-3162